Pastor's Welcome

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Dear Friends and Visitors,

I am so glad you stopped by our site. Perhaps Jesus is drawing you to a new place in life, or perhaps you are feeling lost in a world of crazy chaos. Whatever your state, I know that we can be a place to help you find comfort, rest, and divine joy in Jesus Christ.

We are a community of people like you and your family. We come together because we need what God offers, namely his love and healing. We are not perfect people. In fact, we openly talk about our problems. But we have found the place and person of rest is Christ. Therefore, we are passionate about being a place and people who gather around his love and grace.

Each week we sing songs that have depth and meaning. Expressing our heart's needs and desires through music. We also hear the living God speak to us in his word, which washes over us in reading and preaching. Also, in keeping with the worldwide church's history, we celebrate Christ's Supper meal each week. What we need most is that every part of the worship service--what we call a dramatic encounter with God--is Christ-centered, historically rooted, and saturated with Scripture.

What you will experience is our heartfelt belief that the Church should be a unique experience. You should encounter and receive something you can't get at the local store. In a world filled with homogenous consumer places, true worship is not surface deep; it is something that divinely drives to the soul.

So please join us. We believe you will be enabled to find your place in our community. If you have any questions before or after visiting, please do not hesitate to email

Pastor Dr. Chris Stevens

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